Gut Permeability Assay

How our service works.

You can send us pre-labeled cryotubes for free or we can mail you a sample collection kit for a fee. Our turn-around time is 72 hours after receiving your sample.

Item Name Unit Price Item Unit
4kD Dextran $1.00 Grams
Serum Separator Microtainer $2.00 Tube
Cryotube $0.50 Tube (x2)
Capillary Tube $0.50 Tube (x2)
Dry Ice Label $0.50 Label
Insulated Cooler + Cardboard Box $10.00 Cooler
Pre-paid shipping labels are available upon request and are based on your location.
Number of Samples Price Per Sample
1-9 $45.00
10-39 $42.50
40-79 $40.00
80-119 $37.50
120-239 $35.00
240+ $32.50
  1. Gavage the animal with the recommended concentration of 4kD dextran

  2. Wait four hours

  3. Collect 100 ul of whole blood via tail nick or similar procedure

  4. Spin sample into 50 ul of serum

  5. Aliquot into two tubes of 25 ul serum each

  6. Label with a unique identifier

  7. Ship overnight on dry ice

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Patent Pending

Non-lethal serial method of measuring gut integrity using small volumes.

With our dextran ELISA, we offer the first comprehensive direct quantification assay intestinal wall permeability. Inert compound dextran does not interfere with most assays, we use a 4kD weight dextran which further reduces most other interferences.

Relevant Industries

Dextran has various uses in the pharmaceutical industry. Dextran is added (chemically linked) to drugs to slow the metabolism of the drug and thereby reduce the number of doses needed.

  • Reduce R&D costs by increasing the efficiency of each study and get more information for the same amount of money.  

    • See if your drug works overtime to determine if there are therapeutic opportunities and further development.

    • Demand more from your outsourced provider or increase productivity from your in-house team.

  • Intestinal disease and syndromes are on the rise in the US and globally.  

    • More millennials are developing colon cancer than any other type of syndromes. This is a large and growing market and is thought to be linked to diet and sedentary lifestyles.

    • There is a well-known connection between the microbiome and many types of diseases ranging from neurodegenerative to metabolic syndrome to muscular-skeletal. 

  • Know the potential side effects of your drug before moving into the clinical phases to increase the chances of success.
  1. Measuring gut integrity in preclinical animal research is important, particularly when screening substances that may improve leaky gut and associated comorbidities like NASH.  

  2. The current method requires FITC-dextran (which contains cyanide) wait 4 hours to allow absorption of the FITC-dextran by the gut, then sacrifice and exsanguinate the mouse.

    • The animal must be euthanized, and the serum/plasma collected in the dark to prevent quenching.

    • This requires large cohorts of animals that become expensive. Additionally, current techniques require 100 ul of serum which becomes hard in small animal models. 

    • Cyanide is poisonous and can alter the results of your study.

  3. Having a longitudinal sample set from the same animal can show how a drug is working overtime in the same animal.  

    • This increases efficiency lowers costs and reduces variability within a study.
  1. Several benefits can come from utilizing our technology.  

  2. We help reduce costs by reusing the same animal instead of buying and maintaining large cohorts.  You can now use a much smaller cohort and measure changes over time instead of buying large cohorts, spending valuable resources on blood collection, and reducing mortality during collections. 

  3. Variabilityreproducibility is becoming ever more important in research and variability is the bane of most researchers. Utilizing the same animal instead of elongated cohorts dramatically reduces inter-animal and study variability. 

  4. IACUC’s mandate is the use of newer and more humane technology in animal research, utilizing our service you can stay in compliance.