Histology Services

MetabAxis is a full-service provider for histology.

We are pleased to present the opening of our full-service preclinical histology suite. We can handle any type or volume of samples from a single specimen to thousands of specimens. As a full-service provider, we can do as much or as little as you request.

Sample Receiving and Shipping
Professional packing and shipping domestically or internationally
Grossing and Processing
Any type of preclinical specimen
Orientation of your choosing (diagrams are preferred for orientation)
Customized micron sectioning
Basic and Advanced Staining
On-demand staining
Examples include slide boxes and pre-filled formalin jars
Certified Pathologist Scoring with an Optional Final Report Full Slide Scanning
20X or 40X
Image analysis
Algorithm-based analysis
Digital Imagine Storing with On-Demand Retrieval
Unlimited storage
Slide and Block Storage
Unlimited storage
Wet Specimen Storage
Formalin or EtOH replenished as needed

We are competitively priced and work on your timelines.

We can accept samples from any lab, industrial or academic, and can accommodate any types of shipping or special-order requirements. We can utilize your staining kits with our technicians to help save you money (unopened kits required).

Please see our pricing list below and a link to download a sample order form.

Item NameUnit PriceItem Unit
Gross$3.50Per specimen
Process$3.50Per specimen
Embed$3.50Per specimen
Unstained Slide$4.00Per slide
Special Stains$20.00Per slide
Special Stains for stains Provided by Client$25.00Per slide
IHC Optimization$500.00Per optimization
IHC Stains$60.00Per slide
Scoring$60.00*Per slide
Slide Scanning$15.00N/A
Certified Pathologist Report$1,000.00Per project
Digital Storage$5.0050 MB
Slide and Block Storage$2.00/monthPer box
Wet Specimen Storage$2.00/monthPer jar
Shipping and HandlingContact us for detailsN/A