Sanyal Bio is now a part of MetabAxis!

We are pleased to announce our merger with Sanyal Bio LLC., a global company serving the global liver disease CRO market. The strategic synergy created by this business transaction will expand our combined overall company capabilities and bring new services and products to the Virginia, Mid-Atlantic, and global CRO and diagnostic markets.

The DIAMOND™ mouse and its derivatives are now part of a bigger family and can now serve the larger research community. The DIAMOND™ mouse is now available at any time point on diet on-demand and can be shipped with as little as one weeks’ notice and can now be shipped internationally to any European and North American companies with the Asian market coming soon!

We truly value and appreciate the long-standing business relationship we have with our customers and we definitely think of them as a member of the MetabAxis family. We look forward to continuing our working relationship developed together over many years.