Veterinary Diagnostics

Metabaxis offers veterinary diagnostics for veterinarians and university researchers.

We are the leading provider of large and small animal care in Central Virginia and the surrounding areas. We specialize in companion animals, large animals, equine, small mammals, as well as exotic species and wildlife. Our diagnostic platform utilizes small sample volume technology giving you a complete clinical readout without stress to your patient.

Accurate results within 24 hours.

Our technology provides accurate chemistry, electrolyte, and blood gas analyte readouts on as little as 100 ul of serum/plasma. Our assay platform is programmed for the health range of all analytes for each species allowing diagnosis within seconds of viewing the report.
Phenobarbital Profile
Prep Profile II
Mammalian Liver Profile
Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile
Large animal
Critical Care Plus
Avian/Reptile Profile
Kidney Profile
Equine Profile
Electrolyte Plus
Preventive Care
Rush Fee – $25.00 same day fee
Emergency Fee – $50.00 results in two hours or less
Drop Off
Our drop off service is free and available 24/7, just place your sample in our secure sample receiving area or leave it with the receptionist.

Standard Pick Up
We offer pickup times after 5:30 PM for all clinics in the Richmond and surrounding counties or customized pickup times before 5 PM available on demand. We are happy to use any method to pick up the samples including hand delivery, lockbox, or locker. If you have a preferred method of sample pickup, we are happy to accommodate you.

Sample Mail-in
To accommodate the restrictions from COVID-19, we now offer the ability to mail samples on gel packs or dry ice. You can print a pre-paid label from our website or ship on your account. You can also use your own pre-labeled sample container on dry ice or refrigerated gel packs.

Note: Shipping costs will be added to your final total as a separate line item.

Results are typically available within 24 hours of receiving the samples. We offer a variety of methods for receiving the reported results. The most common reporting method is by email with a separate report for each patient. Paper reports are available and mailed upon request. 

Sample collection kits are available on-demand.

Kits are available on-demand and contain all of the necessary items for sample collection. Bulk discounts are available for orders over 25 samples at a time. Contact us for tiered and preferred pricing structures.
Item Name Unit Price Item Unit
Serum Separator Microtainer $2.00 Tube
Cryotube $0.50 Tube (x2)
Biohazard Bag $0.50 Label
4C Gel pack $1.00 Pack

Note: We are currently only able to accept payments in the form of a check, wire, or ACH. Credit card payments will soon be available.

Knowing the status of your patient is the first step on the path to a successful recovery.

We offer 12 panels to measure a variety of analytes of diagnostics ranging from general wellness checkups to pre- and post-surgical operations with the ability to run multiple rotors on one patient.