In-Sourced Vivarium & Breeding

MetabAxis can now offer custom breeding and colony management.

Now offering a full-service rodent colony management program to help deliver animals when you need them and in the quantities that you desire.


We offer the ability to completely manage your colony using expert technicians to produce and maintain a flexible array of colony sizes and complexities. Rest comfortably knowing that your colony is being given the utmost attention and no detail is overlooked.
Reduce costs by consolidating all of your lines and projects into a single local provider.
In-life data collection such as breeding and general husbandry data can often reveal important phenotypes and trends when aggregated. We can collect a wide range of in-life data and report it to you so you can more effectively manage how and when your animals.
We provide a full-service colony management solution that is flexible to meet your needs. We can expand your colony to produce cohorts of animals on demand and delivered when you need them.
We can precondition the mice with any custom formulated diet, aged to a specific time or weight, and can be ID prior to shipment. Custom diets such as nutritional contents, medications, or specified feeding schemes are available. Any mice shipped can be ID with ear notches, ear tags, or tail tattoos and can be grouped into study cohorts based on weight or age.
Cohorts of animals can be made available to conduct studies at your location on your schedule.
We can produce a colony of hundreds or thousands with as few as two males and eight females in as little as 16 weeks.
We can create an isogenic cross with a desired phenotype or genotype with as many or as few animals as required.

The first privately owned and operated vivarium in Virginia.

We offer space for individuals and companies who are looking to move their research projects forward at their speed, not their institution’s speed. Offering turnkey vivarium rental space for academics, emerging biotech companies, or any combination at an affordable price. With support services such as technicians and logistical assistance, we can help launch your start-up for a fraction of the cost your academic vivarium costs and none of the red tape.

Multiple vivarium options available

Vivarium Rental

On-demand and flexible housing for non-immunocompromised species. We handle as much or as little as you want us to from only routine husbandry to daily monitoring and tissue collection. You’re in the driver’s seat and we are here to help move your research forward.

Outsourced Studies

Every project, regardless of scope or complexity, is assigned a client portfolio manager to gain a deeper understanding of the goals and challenges of each project. Your client portfolio manager will be an integral part of your study team, an extension of your internal efforts, and a valuable partner in your research.

Turnkey Operations

Complete and seamless handling of all in vivo research from study design to post-harvest processing. We have the ability to do all of the genetics, histology, and metabolic work to complete your project.

Vivarium rental details

Static filter top caging with weekly cage changes, standard rodent chow, and bottled water.

Additional cages can be brought to the facility for specific procedures or group housing.
Experimental food can be administered by our techs for no additional charges, additional fees are applicable for any procedures such as weighing food.
Routine husbandry such as weighing is available upon request.
You can perform any of the procedures in addition to the routine husbandry for no additional costs.
Standard procedures such as dosing, blood collection, or tissue collection.

We are fully trained in standard procedures for compound administration. Procedures are billed by the 0.5 hr. increments.
Timed blood or tissue collection is available.
Non-standard procedures can be demonstrated and carried out by our technicians.
You can order any mouse model from any vendor and we can receive them.
Mouse models that are not immunocompromised nor specific pathogen-free.

Barrier facilities and high-density housing on IVC racks are coming soon.
A certified health report is required for mice coming from academic labs, dirty mice are acceptable but are housed in separate locations from clean mice.
Standard supplies are sold a la cart on-site or your items can be shipped to our site to be used when you are ready.

Standard items such as collection tubes, pre-filled formalin jars, needles, etc. are available for purchase on an as-needed basis, only pay for what you need.
You can ship your supplies or specialized equipment to our facility where it will be safely stored until you use it.

Outsourced study execution

You provide us with the requirements for your study and we will carry it out.

  • We can order specialized food, equipment, or supplies and have it ready for you to easily access when you’re onsite.

  • Provide us with the desired model and we will shop for the best price and handle all of the logistics, so you only need to worry about the research aspect.

We can handle the in vivo stage of the research and send you the tissue.

  • We will order, receive, conduct the study, and harvest the tissue for you and allowing you to do what matters most.

  • We can harvest and process the tissue to your specifications and ship you the finished product.

Turnkey operations

We will work with you to design the study and carry it out.

    1. Our staff will work with you to determine how a study can be executed in the most cost-effective manner.  

    2. We will then conduct the study for you including all in vivo, genetics, molecular testing, and histology.  

    3. You will receive a final report that includes all of the raw data plus reports from specialists in each step of the process.

    4. We will work with you and journal reviewers to push publications forward where possible 

    5. Working with us will move your research faster for the same amount of money